Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads in Favor of Cause Marketing

Posted on January 29, 2010



via Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads in Favor of Cause Marketing.

Well the real headline should read that Pepsi drops SB ads in favor of non-traditional mediums, primarily Social Media.
However, I can’t help admiring Pepsi/FritoLay sustainability efforts and that bit of news is a buried message so I made it my headline.

My thoughts on the Pepsi/FritoLay Superbowl opt out/opt in Social Media announcement: Simply, the viral conversation and interest ignited from the mere announcement of their “over analyzed” decision has already made it a sound marketing investment. However, with that comes a critical eye. We will all be watching, waiting and expecting something new and fabulous. You need to come with it Pepsi…Blue Sky Busting Ideas!

Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads in Favor of Cause Marketing
This will be the first time in 23 years that the Super Bowl will not have an ad promoting Pepsi. Last year, Pepsi spent $33 million advertising its brands during the game. The average Super Bowl spot costs about $3 million.

This year, Pepsi is trying to build a two-way dialogue with consumers by asking them to go to a Web site and suggest ways that Pepsi can be involved in social causes. As part of the promotion, Pepsi will be putting $20 million into its Refresh Project. Click to visit the Refresh Everything Web site. Beginning Feb. 1, consumers will have the chance to vote for how Pepsi should spend its money on suggested projects. Each month, Pepsi will be awarding up to 2 grants of $250,000 to projects proposed by large organizations. More grants in denominations of $50,000, $25,000 and $5,000 will be awarded each month for smaller organizations and individuals. The project includes a microsite dubbed “The Planet.”

The 2009 Super Bowl in St. Petersburg, Fla., featured green energy purchase and tree planting.
The 2008 Super Bowl n Glendale, Arizona, was the first ever powered completely with renewable energy by using solar, wind and geo-thermal energy to offset the GHG emissions.

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