Continued Discussion…Ways Pepsi could have used Social Media

Posted on January 31, 2010


Now to me the below is interesting and thought-provoking ideas. While they are idea-starters for the beverage category, they would need to be completely buttoned-up, meaning without glitch on day of execution. Still good start to beverage and social media advertising.

Clyde Desouza (link)

Here’s how it could have been implemented and 4 advantages:

– Pepsi would have instantly brought Social Media advertising, into the Real World and on-ground, right at the Super Bowl
– Thousands of Blackberry, Iphones and Smartphones would have been converted into miniature SuperBowl Screens, if Pepsi was streaming a live feed to them or showing instant replays, and of course, Pepsi Commercials
– All that a smartphone user would have to do is turn on their Wifi enabled devices and log on to the Pepsi Private Wifi Network.
– Pepsi could have turned this into a direct source of revenue. Example: On every Pullring of a can of pepsi a password could have been printed (for single login) giving time limited access to the Wifi Network. This would actually help in sales and consumption of the product.
– Ticker tape like real estate on the main SuperBowl scoreboard screen could have been rented by Pepsi, showing Tweets sent out live by the fans at the Stadium, via the private network. Or this could me moderated and outside tweets from fans at home could also stream in.
– Fans could upload live snapshots to their facebook accounts from the stadium.
This would have brought online Social Media networking face to face with real people on-ground! an experiment worthy of a separate study in itself. Pepsi could have accomplished both, on site advertising mixed with social media advertising, and possibly driven up sales of it’s product in one go.

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