Nike’s MVPuppets, Kobe and Lebron Commercials

Posted on February 14, 2010


First, I want to preface this post by saying, I like the Kobe and Lebron MVPuppet commercials. And I am fan of both Kobe and Lebron, so no basketball bias here.

I like the puppet concept. However, It’s a concept based on likeness so Nike should give more care to Kobe and Lebron’s very distinct and different personalities/characteristics. The marketing fails in the details of the concept.

For instance, would Kobe freestyle rap about his shoe or would Lebron be more likely to do that? Lebron of course. He is the courtside entertainer. You seen him rapping to Eminem, throwing up the roc, friends w/ Jay-Z and Drake etc…

Kobe – more cocky cool, sophisticated, reserved.

Not to insult but a simple t-chart, listing characteristics, inserted into the creative brief prior to development. That’s all you need.
The marketing genius is in the detail.

Take another look…
You have probably seen the attached commercial but this time view with a critical eye. Nike, we expect details. The MVPuppet’s physical characteristics could stand a tweaking and possibly bring them to life outside the commercials. Are there other touchpoints, where is the consumer engagement? It is great creative – or we wouldn’t be talking about it but it could better. BTW, I visited to find the word or phrase used to describe the creative. I love the term “MVPuppet”

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