The Most Amazing Cinematography! PBS, Visions of Italy: Southern Style

Posted on March 13, 2010


I remotely flipped and landed on the most amazing cinematography ever, PBS’s Visions of Italy: Southern Style! I love PBS programs but rarely have a moment to watch television. I was immediately blown away at first view. Even if you have been to southern Italy, you have never seen it like this. The journey starts just south of Rome, following along the rugged western coastline to the toe of the “boot” at Reggio Calabria, and then back inland over the countryside to Rome. Shot in high-definition from a helicopter-mounted camera, images of Italy no tourist’s camera could capture, informative and poetic narration, and a soundtrack that resonates with the history and beauty of the region combine for an incomparable celebration of southern Italy’s considerable charms.

Visions of Italy, Cinque Terre

The narrative is beautifully hypnotic. I have to order the DVD for only $150 bucks, Northern, Sicily and Southern Style, for the cost of a spa visit, it’s so worth it! All this and an opportunity to support (what i consider the best programming on television) PBS.

Italy has to be the most beautiful country on earth and if you don’t believe me, well check out the program. Or order the program directly from PBS, its money well spent. It views like a breath-taking vacation to another time – I love it!


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