Remember Business Cards? Still Delivering First Impressions!

Posted on March 31, 2010


Remember business cards? Yes, its old school but still makes a first and hopefully lasting impression about you and your company’s brand. It stands between you and a potential client. The poor little thing carries a heavy burden, it must make a big enough impression to 1) escape the fate of quickly landing in the first trash can available 2) Capturing recipient’s attention 3) Selling the value of your services and finally 4) Delivering appropriate and correct contact information. A tall order for a little card.

Marketing guru Joseph Jaffe demonstrates with examples (see video below). I particularly liked the beer-top version of a business card but again, be creative – just be creatively appropriate to your company’s brand and services. I’ve done business with both Miller and Budweiser in the past and a cap opening business card would have definitely made an impression. Short video, take a look.
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