Transmedia Storytelling or Integrated Marketing? What’s the difference?

Posted on April 17, 2010


Is it Transmedia Storytelling or Integrated Marketing?
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USC professor Henry Jenkins coined the term, “Transmedia” to explain how an array of platforms can be used to enrich media’s impact on the public. Transmedia’s roots are in marketing, typically for entertainment properties and more specifically television shows and movies. The definition of Transmedia often includes references to Star Wars as a classic example. It’s the art of storytelling through multiple media touchpoints: character spin-offs, sequels, gaming, radio shows, movies, TV shows, books, comics, internet, mobile, merchandising and other “creative” output.

Sounds alot like integrated marketing, huh’?

The difference lies in the art of storytelling.

For a marketer, Transmedia requires a deep-dive into the essence of one’s brand. The complexity is in the brand layers; peeling back the story behind a brand, de-constructing it, making it relevant and revealing it to appropriate audiences in an orgranic, integrated consumer experience. Transmedia is more engaging, captures a longer length of interest and goes back to the basics of storytelling. The curative process associated with Transmedia is more challenging though, as consumers may not always receive information from the starting point.

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