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Transmedia Storytelling or Integrated Marketing? What’s the difference?

April 17, 2010


Is it Transmedia Storytelling or Integrated Marketing? check out my site, Transmedia Marketing USC professor Henry Jenkins coined the term, “Transmedia” to explain how an array of platforms can be used to enrich media’s impact on the public. Transmedia’s roots are in marketing, typically for entertainment properties and more specifically television shows and movies. The […]

My Draft Pick: Myron Rolle, Is he just that smart and the NFL that dumb?

March 1, 2010


My Draft Pick: Myron Rolle is he just that smart and the NFL that dumb? ESPN’s Wright Thomas has done an amazing job profiling NFL Draft hopeful Myron Rolle. This story is opposite of so many other NFL stories. Where was Rolle this year in American Collegiate Football? Rolle was at Oxford, preparing for his […]

View Movie Trailer, Claire Dane’s Amazing Performance!

February 24, 2010


“I think spinning and rolling is good…hugging a person is scary but rolling is comforting” “Nature is cruel and we don’t have to be…” “I don’t want my thoughts to die with me…I want to have done something” These are just a few quotes taken from the HBO Movie, Temple Grandin. Claire Dane beautifully translates […]

Mobile Youth, Teens and Students Study

February 21, 2010


courtesy of raxraxrax The youth mobile marketing experts have released some interesting stats this week which highlight growing trends from around the world. Interesting to see that the largest growth in mobile usage amongst youths is from secondary accounts. In 39 markets, mobile penetration rates across under 30’s are above 100% – and in some […]

Intuit and other software companies spinning bottle w/ Social Media

February 17, 2010


Article refereced, Intuit Program Combines Reviews, Social Networking, Feb 14, 2010,- Todd Wasserman via (see link below for entire article) From marketer's standpoint and previous to the referenced Brandweek article, I would have thought software companies would be fishing in deep waters with web2.0 but apparently they too, are just dipping a toe in social media pool. It seems like a natural space for software.

Nike’s MVPuppets, Kobe and Lebron Commercials

February 14, 2010


First, I want to preface this post by saying, I like the Kobe and Lebron MVPuppet commercials. And I am fan of both Kobe and Lebron, so no basketball bias here. I like the puppet concept. However, It’s a concept based on likeness so Nike should give more care to Kobe and Lebron’s very distinct […]

Social Media, courtesy cmo – update

February 12, 2010